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'The Celebration'

A full length contemporary theatre play in two acts. Set in landlady Brenda's failing pub this is a dark comic look at envy and greed, fate, destiny and our ability to control our own lives. Harry is thrown together with old adversary Simon as they attend the wake for their schoolfriend Lawrence. Harry learns some bad news about his future from demonic clairvoyant Lileth and this is his story as he battles against the odds to change it.

'The Shop' - TV Sitcom

Extended length pilot episode has been completed and is now available on DVD. Work is ongoing on season one which comprises a further six episodes.

Learn more at http://www.radicalsheepmedia.co.uk

'Acting from the Bottom Upwards'

Acting from the Bottom UpwardsA full length autobiographical comic novel about the reality of what it is like to perform at the very bottom of the profession. Frequently disastrous, often hilarious but never dull this is a true, no holds barred, account of life in no or low budget film and TV.

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 I wanted to make a short film bringing the legend of Sisyphus from Greek mythology to the modern day. With the not inconsiderable help of Steve Cranston and the guys at Lilac Productions and composer extraordinaire Chris Fraser-Smith we took my first draft script and in one day we shot Sisyphus to see what it looked like. Sisyphus is now 'Smith' preying on women smuggled from Eastern Europe by Balkan criminal gang leader Branko. It is the story of one such woman, Adrijana and whether she will survive to tell the tale. The project worked well so I re-worked and extended the script which we hope to re-make with a bigger budget.

Click on the picture above to view the film or to learn more.


This is a feature length screenplay about conspiracy investigator slackers Chris and Steve who run an ailing web-based business dealing in conspiracy title tattle financed by shooting wedding videos. When they stumble upon evidence of a major murder conspiracy, their offices are rifled, their associate murdered and off they set in hapless pursuit of the perpetrators within the intelligence community. Will they preserve the evidence and get it to the media? What about the dark forces trying to kill them? What about the grapefruit?

Liquid Soap

Episode Five: 'Tissue Tantrums'- this is a ground breaking new soap broadcast online in October 2009, producer Chris Jury. View at Liquid Soap

The series won the 2009 Royal Television Society award for best student fiction in the South West.

'Heads You Win, Tails I Lose'

My first full length novel - my autobiography from age 0 to 46. All the highs, the many lows, Essex boy to Oxford lawyer, the military, the racecourse and all the encounters in between - anything but dull!

Collaborations and contributions

'Rough Around the Edges'
Rough Around The EdgesLow budget British comedy for Big Cheese Films which premiered in Summer 2009. Not only was I one of the leads in this very funny comedy but I scripted additional dialogue. Visit the website at:  http://www.rougharoundtheedges.co.uk to learn more or watch the trailer.






'Money Kills'

Massive action thriller currently pending certification. I scripted the dialogue in the Police Station scenes involving 'Mean Cop', 'Old Cop' and The Chief's daughter who does something unspeakable to me in return. Now released in cinemas..

Money Kills 

Current Projects

'Double Take' - feature length romantic comedy screenplay.

'Sports Scene SSE' - pilot sitcom.

'House' - TV gameshow.

'Tarpat' - Dramatisation about the Arab / Israeli conflict set in the West Bank.

Continuing Education and Training

I have recently succcessfully completed a Master's Degree in Scriptwriting at Bath Spa University - part of the acclaimed Creative Writing Department and working with the likes of:

Suzanne Bell - Literary Manager - Everyman Playhouse, Liverpool

Roy Boulter - Writer - Brookside, The Bill, The Street, Missing, Of Time and City

Doug Chamberlin - Writer - Toy Story 2

Jane Dauncey - Machine Productions - Casualty, Tracey Beaker, Zig Zag Love

Sarah Dickenson - Dramaturg - Theatre 503 and many others

Paul Dodgson - Writer and Radio Producer - Eastenders, The Nutcracker, Through the Looking Glass

Robin Mukherjee - Writer - Casualty, Eastenders, The Royal, The Bill, Boon

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